Oh boy. This is a dude alright. Despite being named Viking, he does not have a big beard and wields axes. In fact, melee combat is one of his greatness weaknesses. Yikes!

But be wary! Viking absolutely fucks people in BlazeBlow: CentralFigtion!

Viking is also the main reason that VFGC is a Fighting Game Club, and not just a Smash Bros. Club.


  • Former Chairman for VFGC
  • Made Boris and Joborn watch "Beastars" (some furry shit anime (it's amazing))
  • Participated in two (1, 2) BBCF tournaments in one day, and did NOT drop a single game! (wow)
  • Constantly gets hooked on specific words and says them like every other sentence for a month. (Kom igen det blir kul)
  • Is a top tier friend.

His fursona drawn as Jin, his BBCF main.

Oh, and Viking is a top tier furry btw.

Viking is a bro

He will play any game with you if you ask, and he owns a copy of that game.

He will also try to force you to play Final Fantasy XIV Online.