"The drink that infuses the soul with renewed energy and purpose"

Tea is an ancient beverage, perfected over centuries of civilization.
Tea has been, and still is, being consumed by the entire world. What type of tea a person drinks though is completely up to them.

When you wake up, tea should be the first sustenance to consume for every man, woman, [insert any gender or non-gender here] and child.

Boris drinks tea every morning, because he just knows what is best for him.

There are many different tea types, for every realistic, unrealistic and hypothetical situation that has, is and will ever exist.

There is also a near-infinite selection of flavours as well, so just pick and choose, find your favorite, drink and enjoy!

Here are a few examples of what tea does

  • Invigorates mind and soul
  • Calms a stressed person
  • Makes you focus
  • Makes you not focus
  • Energizes you

Smokin' Hot!