Commonly referred to as Kevin. The best melee Captain Falcon player in the entire world!
Also the best plus R Johnny player in Westeros.

This dude is chill as fuck, and works at UPS lifting boxes into trucks (yes, his muscles are that big). He is also a retired skater, and his skills are still great.

Kevin is a chess master and an en passant exploiter.

Honorary guest of the Boris-Gala.


  • Breathes once every second or so
  • Eats 3 meals a day
  • Shits
  • Pisses
  • Consumes Nutrients
  • Consumes Foxes
  • Walks the walk
  • Talks the talk


  • Former Vice Chairman and current Cute Secretary for VFGC
  • Plays the Senap Challenge
  • Speedruns Super Mario 64
  • Successfully dashbacked out of crouch once
  • Played Plus R until 5am a couple times with Boris
  • Hates Zelda in P+ so much that plays her

w h a t

Smush can superswim in Wind Waker.
That's badass!

His super mario 64 skills are through the roof!