Quite famous for being one of the two main characters of every Kebabmatch in the history of history itself.
This handsome set of bodyparts originates from Westeros but (sadly) left their homies to travel around the world (really SKARABOOOOOORG and Ireland).

They finally returned to Westeros! Woooo!


  • They're such a pessimist that they thinks they are a realist
  • Founder of, former vice chairman and current commissioner for VFGC
  • A good homie for real, also friend of Boris
  • Was the best melee player in Westeros for a while (a short while)
  • Author of the quote: "Eh ursäkta mig, suck my dick?"

Also, Sharp has gotten 2nd place in a LOT of melee tourneys. Here is a list of all of them. (I included all their 1st places as well because Sharp is such a good person and they deserve it).

This list is sadly outdated, and might be updated in the distant future.

2nd Places

1st Places

Joborn, May and Sharp. Beautiful.

Did you know?

May compiled the list for all these tournaments. What a nice gal.