Senap Challange

The Senap Challenge is a challenge where you race your friends in wind waker randomizer with the same settings and the same seed.
The permalinks below can be pasted in the Wind Waker Randomizer by LagoLunatic to try out the seed and settings for yourself. The clean Wind Waker iso required for the randomizer can be found in the Download Directory.

Senapsås Challenge


The first Senap Challenge was played by Boris, Erik Svahn, and Smushmarth.

This first run went horribly bad. The boys played for 8 hours straight, and they couldn't even find the fucking sword, amateurs. Boris didn't even eat during the entire run. What a total badass dude!

After 6 hours the boys started to get frustrated. Then at the 8 hour mark they gave up and checked the log.
The first progressive sword was on Pawprint Island, along with the bow. They all overlooked it like a bunch of idiots.

Although they didn't find any items, they gained big brain 5head knowledge.
And as the saying goes; Mogul Moves, 5head grooves.

Senapsketchup Challenge


The second run went much much better. The same team from Senapsås makes a grand return and crushes it all.
Although Boris and Smushmarth gave up around 7h and 40mins, but this was only because Erik was waaay ahead of them, having the fully upgraded master sword on his way to defeat gedorf. Meanwhile the other two only had the regular sword.

8:43:25 was the final time for Erik.

Smushmarth is doing the superswim. He's quite cool to be able to do it!

You typically won't see this in a Senap Challenge.