The Ancient Poder

Poder is one of the most ancient inventors of all time. He is the creator of the Poder Wiki and inventor of many inventions, including the attendance app for VFGC and more.

Despite being called the Ancient Poder, Poder is still a young and good looking dude!

Whenever you ask him how his work and stuff is going he always responds with "Ah, could be worse", then he proceeds with doing something non-work related.

Poder is

  • Extremely technical in life
  • An excellent programmer
  • Super chilled out about work and stuff
  • Just a cool and chill dude
  • A Melee player (which makes him even cooler)
  • Nice
  • Former cute secratary for VFGC

He also has a nice and shiny head.

I have heard that this man is working on his biggest project yet. That project will be available to the public one day!

Did you know?

Poder is the backbone for all of the systems that VFGC is built on.

He created and is managing all of the digital paperwork and stuff.

That is really PogChamp!

Mega chad.