The memelord has a reaction image for every situation imaginable.

A memelord is a person or entity (preferrably anonymous) that has mastered the art of memeing.

The memelord has mastered all arts and forms that memes can come in, so it is no simple task!

Whenever a memelord is put into a situation that is unfamiliar to him/her/it, it will always start memeing really hard, trying to find a meme that fits that situation to broaden their skills as a memelord. This is called meme-apting (from meme and adapting).

It is always good to be friend with a memelord, as they can break the ice to potential new friends or partners, using their superior memes.

The seasoned memelord will also create their own memes. This works because of their profeciency in using memes, a non-memelord should never attempt this. The consequences for creating a meme without being a memelord can be disastrous.

A person aspiring to become a memelord will always steal any meme that comes their way, hoping that he/she/it will use it one day. Usually that day never comes.