Commonly referred to as Loki, and rarely as Olle.

Loki took VFGC by storm by absolutely destroying them in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He went to KBit 2022 and won it. Easily!

An orinal dude that as injected the word "Tjomme" into the vocabulary of VFGC members.

Walks to VFGC meetups all the time, crazy. Crazy I say!


  • Best Ultimate player by far
  • Too young for life
  • Too good at P+ for the amount of work put in. NOT EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE
  • Lets go
  • MKLoki
  • Ugliest attender of VFGC (do not ask Boris to write how handsome you are on SupremeBoris)

Loki is actually very very very young.