Yes, his legal name is actually Lama, it's incredibly chad of him.

Lama has slept under the safe for work posters in Boris's apartment several times and survived.

This dude once jammed so hard to September by Earth, Wind & Fire that he sprained his knee quite badly.
Despite this he still went to KBit, what a cool guy move.

Lama lives waaay up in the ice cold landscape of Norrland. Some say that this is why he is so cool.

He plays the absolute weirdest games, and somehow is good at them.


  • Plays P+ on a hitbox, like a madman
  • Plays fighting games on a hitbox, like a madman
  • Completed Persona 3 efter 474 days, a world record.
  • Alledgedly beat Viking in BB (This is a feat of a lifetime)


Handsome man.

Perfect hair.