The man, the myth, the sanic.

This dude is a talented artist, and around 50% of his art is just self-portraits, can you imagine?
I gotta say, I respect dat shit homie.

This dude lives far away but still manages to be heavily involved with VFGC, helping them out with streams, hanging out in their voice chats, and very often visiting Westeros himself.

Is an all-round good guy.

He sometimes stream some shit, check out his Twitch!


  • Current commisioner for VFGC
  • Speedruns Super mario 64, pretty good too
  • Draws art
  • Completed every single Sonic game
  • Is a Memelord
  • Is a gamer
  • Is a lot better at Street Fighter 6 than he will ever admit to

This is also very cool!