God Controller

This legendary controller got its name from the ancient markings at the center.
It is said this controller was bestowed upon Boris by the gods themselves.

The God Controller is a gamecube controller that Boris used between the ages of 4 and 22.
It is extremely worn and has a lot of skunk both on the inside and on the outside.

Boris has destroyed many legends in their early stages of development using this controller, including Sharp (Boris destroyed his peach with his Ice Climbers) and Smushmarth.

The God Controller has been thrown to the ground many times without breaking, showcasing the strength and integrity of this legendary piece. The original stick was worn down of all rubber untill it was only hard plastic left, twice.
After the second stick was completely flat without any rubber left, Boris decided to switch to a different stick. He switched to a nunchuck stick provided by Smushmarth, which was very homie of him.

When Boris turned 22 he decided that the controller was too powerful to use for Melee so he bought a new orange controller, which looks extremely good, but has some issues. Those issues weakens Boris which makes it more fair to play against him, since some people started to argue that his skills was "unworldly".

This controller has been and still is, loved by Boris.

During the end of its lifespand the God Controller was only used for playing The Legend of Zelda and various other gamecube titles, but not Melee.

End of life

The inside of the God Controller made its way into Boris's main controller, with mild success. Unfortunately, Boris alledgedly lost a tournament match vs Leaf and spiked the controller into the ground with godly force.
The remains of the controller now hangs on the wall at VFGC headquarters.

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Yuck! Gross! Blech! Boo! Bah! Ugh! Wah! Fucky! Stinky! Poopy! Sticky! Skunky! Spunky!

Boris's new controller.
It looks great!