Cowboy Bebop

Alright. So this anime (god forbid) is the best fucking shit on the planet (Assuming we're on the Earth).
This anime is a popular one, as seen on Anime-Planet.
Cowboy Bebop is Boris's favorite series ever.

Why is this anime so incredibly good?

I'll tell you.

Setting and Music

First off, the soundtrack is amazing. The jazz, the pumped up jazz, the intense songs, the weird ones, the harmonica solos and the really chill mood ones, they're all perfect for the setting that this anime has.
It's quite old, being released in 1998, but the quality is amazing. The dub is really fucking well made too, even better than the original japanese voiceover in my opinion (I don't know japanese lol).

The anime takes place in the future, where humans have colonized the solar system, and have outposts and cities on the most likely planets, and space stations all around. It's really nothing fancy, more like the cities on earth, but more futuristic, and in space. As I said earlier, the music really sets the tone and gives you a feeling fitting for each scene.
The entire series is heavily influenced by jazz music from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Every episode is called a "session", as in a music session. The space battles, and the hand-to-hand martial arts combat are both timed and synced with the music, giving each move personality and feel.

Listen to the sountrack playlist on youtube, its quite nice

Story and Narrative

Cowboy Bebop is about four people; Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed. Spike and Jet are present from episode one, while Faye and Ed are introduced after a few episodes. They are bounty hunters, so almost every episode is about them trying to catch a bounty to cash in to get food on the table. Each character has a background, which they cover, with Spike having the most backstory, as he is the main protagonist. Spike also has the most amount of story in the series for that same reason.
There is also a bit of comedy involved, mostly in form of quirky character interactions, but sometimes with specific placement of some weird characters.

There is also a movie, that is made to be like just another episode, but a really long one.

Overall Score

11/10 Boris recommends.
The combination of fighting, story, setting and characters make this anime really interesting, and a must watch for sci-fi and anime fans.

Click the image for a nice tune! A little taste of episode 6.

Jet Black smoking and doing computer stuff. Yes, he is a cyborg.

Spike Spiegel smoking a cigarette, saying his famous quote: "Whatever happens, happens".

Edward is a computer genius. She is also kid.

Faye Valentine is a sexy and fierce girl. She also has a gambling addiction.