The Boris-Gala is a highly prestigeous Gala that is hosted by the one and only Boris twice per year. It is an invite ONLY Gala, and if you ask for an invitation there is a big chance that you will never be invited. Ever.

The July Gala (Juligala Boris) is hosted sometime during the summer, while the Christmas Gala (Julgala Boris) is hosted in december. As you might have guessed, the July Gala doesn't really have a set theme like the Christmas Gala. Although, it generally have a theme anyway, just because that's what the people want. And what the people want is always provided by Boris himself, as he is a man of the people.

The Gala is designed to be as a pleasurable experience as unhumanly possible for the people. This would not be possible if someone other than Boris himself hosted the Gala, because he is has such unhumanly character. The atmosphere is extremely nice as well.

The evening usually consists of, but is not limited to:

  • A Three course meal, courtesy of Boris himself (or a professional chef)
  • Various songs sung by Boris with the mighty voice
  • A couple contests with all the guests, and Boris
  • Boris Award with diploma for each guest
  • Spexes and speeches by the willing guests
  • Welcome letters and appetizers

The Boris-Award is one of the most prestigeous awards a person can get. Even more prestigeous than the Nobel Prize. With it comes great fame and pride. You should be extremely proud if you have been awarded with a Boris-Award.

To this day there has been two Boris-Galas, the Christmas Gala 2019 (Julgala Boris) that was held on 21:st of December, 2019, and July Gala 2020 (Juligala Boris).

Boris will under no circumstances leak the location where the Gala is held to non-Gala guests, so you better not ask him.

Boris himself is planning to host a HUGE Boris-Gala sometime in the future, with a LOT more guests, more staff, professional catering and more!

Christmas Gala Boris (Julgala Boris) 21:st of December 2019

The first Boris-Gala was a total success! Boris did a phenomenal job with hosting the Gala, and the guests were more than pleased with the eveneing. They even wanted there to be more than two Galas per year, but that "is just not a possibility" said Boris himself.

The guests (left to right): Joborn, Jonis, Fanny, Allan, Erik Svahn

July Gala Boris (Juligala Boris) 25:th of July 2020

The second Boris-Gala was even more of a success than the first one! Boris did an amazing job hosting the gala as usual, this time around with video introduction, which thrilled all of the guests!
The food was amazing, provided by Boris's own professional chef, Erik Svahn.
Sadly, Fanny couldn't join this time. Maybe we could get a few better pictures next time.

The guests: Alex, Allan, Erik Svahn, Joborn, Jonis and Kevin (Smushmarth).

Did you know?

Boris choose his guests very very very very very very very carefully.

Undisclosed location

The location where the Gala takes place is somewhere in the swedish forests. This location has been carefully selected by Boris himself so that the guests can breath the fresh air during the entire Gala.

Did you know?

Boris spends a lot of time planning the Boris-Gala. He does this to ensure the guests maximum pleasure and enjoyment.