A real gamer boi. Anes perhaps owns the most video games of any person in Westeros.

This dude really knows how to throw his memes around. Be in the same online chat with him and he WILL get his point across with 2-4 memes.
This memes that Anes is a Memelord, which is a very highly sought after trait in the market.

Anes owns the collection of video games in the picture. He is a hoarder of video games. He collects them, puts them on shelves, and show them off to beta class gamers.

Anes is a connoiseur of vtubers, so if you want to know anything about vtubers, he's your guy.

I'm not gonna lie, he's a nice guy.


  • Commisioner for VFGC
  • Plays Ultimate (it's ok offline)
  • Owns several copies of all Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Mixes English and Swedish like every other sentence
  • Is a Memelord
  • Is a hoarder of games (owns 104+ physical copies)
  • Goes to Viking's house every weekend.

Anes like BNA, which is a furry anime.
Disclaimer: Anes is NOT a furry, but he is a bit of a big weeb. And that's cool with me, I like some anime too.