Allan Marin


This man is not the eptimone of manliness. Whenever he needs to pee he jumps up and down and complains.

Allan has "problems" with taking care of himself, but Fanny (what an absolute UNIT) takes care of him!

Allan is the best party-boi on the planet. If there's a party without Allan, you can't even call it a party.
Allan first met Boris at SaLAN, where he saw Boris from a distance and the mere aura he emitted forced Allan to come up and introduce himself.

Honorary guest at the Boris-Gala.


  • Being a long time OG friend of Boris himself
  • Co-Founder of and former commissioner for VFGC
  • Played Puff back in times (but FUCK Puff tho)
  • Aspiring Video-Game Designer
  • Handsome on all the sides (including the insides)

Look at him. LOOK AT HIIM!
He is so fucking cute. Some would even say he is "Kawaii"!

Allan being dominated by The Almighty Boris.