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Long time no sea

May has now won over 100 tournaments!

On October 7th 2020, the world witnessed the legendary event of Mays 100th tournament win.
It was indeed a historical event that will for sure go down in history as an amazing accomplishment, and a great work of art. Everyone was in awe and there is a rumor that Sharp passed out because of how starstruck they were.

Minecraft Steve was added in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many people in VFGC was looking at the event live. Anes creamed on a hill somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Boris, Smushmarth and Viking has been playing a lot of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (just call it gg dude) lately, and that game is fricking bonkers.

I have been getting a lot of mails about the new service Poder has been developing. He is a very busy man, and please understand that he has a life to spend time on as well, even though you might not have one, punk.

Sharps computer completely died, but luckily, Boris himself came to the rescue and borrowed his old computer to them. Now Sharp streams semi-regularly on their Twitch channel!

In other news, there is soon time for another Boris-Gala! As usual, it will be another total success for everyone.

Here is an image of the moment when May won her 100th tournament!

Written by Boris, 2020-11-15

Greatness afoot

A new service is being worked on by Poder, and it will be available in the near future!

The great inventor Poder is working on a new website, with the help of Boris, Joborn and Erik. I will not leak what this new website will be, but expect greatness!

Barba finally got his voice impressions up, and it's great! More impressions will be added eventually.
He also shaved off his beard, which makes his nickname kind of contradictory, lol.

This last Thursday-Friday Supreme Boris was down due to some under-the-hood changes. Now Supreme Boris runs excatly the same for users! Wow!

Plonko and Gussonic traveled to Westeros today, they came all the way from the town Livealongtime, which lays far north, past the mountains, and a river.
Plonko has recently started playing melee, and the mere touch of such a legendary game got him hooked within the first 2 picoseconds.

May is getting really close to getting a total of 100 tournament wins in Super Smash Bros. Melee! There will be a special tournament held by VFGC when she has 99 wins, just to celebrate her 100:th win. Don't miss it!

Look at this pig walking on a beach at sunset. It is my favorite picture of all time. I just can't get enough of it! LOOK AT IT!

Written by Boris, 2020-09-19

A Historical Day

Today, Supreme Boris has gotten the biggest update yet, and it looks gorgeous.

This day, the 11th of September, marks a very special day for Supreme Boris. NO it's not the 9/11 everyone thinks about, but rather the biggest and bestest update to Supreme Boris yet! Some would even call it Supreme Boris 2.0.

To those new to Supreme Boris; Welcome! Boris wishes you a pleasant time here!
I would recommend that you browse around yourself, and maybe leave some feedback on what you think, if you want something changed or added.

Boris spent a total of 3 days preparing this update, with another day spent on the designing and planning phase.
Erik Svahn helped design the new Supreme Boris along with Boris, what a team!

Now I don't want to talk only about the new update, as it would be more appropriate to explore and discover the updates yourself! :) (maybe even look at the Changelog?)

Now to some actual news! There has been 3 new pages added to Supreme Boris since the latest update: Gussonic, Memelord and Tova! Boris takes pride in adding new pages and hopes that everyone enjoys them.

In the last couple of days, Smushmarth and Gussonic has been racing in Super Mario 64, and it has been very interesting following their progress!
The races had some mixed results, but Smushmarth had the upper hand, and if he hadn't choked as much as he did, he would've won most.

Barba will get his impressions on Supreme Boris very soon! The recording session is now on Saturday.

Boris is looking forward to what people will think of the new updates, and he is very pleased himself.

Keep checking the news for constant news about Supreme Boris, and the people involved with this site.

The new page is thiccccccc

Written by Boris, 2020-09-11